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About Us

Animal Raindrop

Animal Raindrop offers training courses in Canine Raindrop Technique and Equine Raindrop Technique.

Whether you want to learn this modality for personal use or you would like a career as a Practitioner, we have courses to suit.

Alternatively you may wish to have one of our qualified practitioners perform the Raindrop Technique on your dog or horse

so you can see the benefits for yourself!  

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Image by Tiago Almeida
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Raindrop Technique for Animals

It’s like a massage – but so much more!


Imagine how your horse or dog will thank you after receiving this gentle yet ever so powerful technique. 

Raindrop Technique is a unique experience unlike anything else!

This holistic modality is made up of:

  • A Valor Balance - based on an Ancient Egyptian technique for bringing the body back into balance

  • VitaFlex - an Ancient Tibetan reflexology that is so incredibly relaxing

  • Native American Indian energy principles to release stuck energy

  • Western Massage movements to release muscular tension

  • A specific combination of powerful Young Living essential oils that are applied to the hind legs, spine and associated back and neck muscles.  

Relaxing Back Massage
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Our Courses

Working from Home

About the courses

Our courses are divided into two types – Recreational and Practitioner.

Recreational courses are for pet owners who simply wish to learn the Raindrop Technique to pamper their own pet.

Practitioner courses are designed for people wishing to have a career performing the Raindrop Technique on animals.

Both types of courses offered are broken down into either Equine or Canine 

Girl with Horse

For the pet owner

The Recreational courses are for pet owners who would like to learn a simplified version of the

Raindrop Technique to perform on their own animal.   These are 1 day courses and also include an "Introduction to

Essentials Oils for Animals" component.

There are two Recreational courses

that we offer:

Canine Recreational Raindrop Technique (for dog owners)

Equine Recreational Raindrop Technique (for horse owners)

At the Vet

A career with animals

The Practitioner courses are for people wishing to perform the

Raindrop Technique on animals

in a professional capacity,

including charging a fee for their services.   These are longer courses that go into comprehensive detail


There are two Practitioner courses

that we offer:

Canine Practitioner Raindrop Technique 

(for a career with dogs)

Equine Practitioner Raindrop Technique 

(for a career with horses)

Meet the Teacher - Susan Marshall

Susan is the teacher of the courses here at Animal Raindrop.  She has always had a love of animals from a very early age.  Susan has worked in the Mounted Police and has operated a successful equestrian business.  She also devotes her time as a foster carer for dogs, helping to rehabilitate them and find forever homes.

Susan has almost 2 decades of experience using essential oils and performing the Raindrop Technique on animals. She is so passionate about teaching this modality to others so that animals all over the world can benefit.


Image by Sara Kurfeß

Find a Practitioner

Would you like to book a Raindrop Technique session for your dog or horse?

Check out our directory of qualified Equine and Canine Raindrop Technique Practitioners.

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