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Diane Pollard,
Align Therapies & Training

"I have known Susan Marshall from Animal Raindrop since November 2019 when I attended two Practitioner courses Susan was instructing – Canine and Equine Raindrop Techniques. In both courses, Susan was the trainer and assessor and combined various components of practical, theoretical, post training case studies and assessment to certify new Equine and Canine Raindrop Technique practitioners. 

In these courses, students are at times required to work directly with very large and unpredictable animals and occasionally in physically difficult positions. Susan demonstrated a high level of consideration for the safety and wellbeing of both the student practitioners and animals, and successfully mitigated the risks posed by the horses or dogs during practical sessions. Safety was well covered, suitable resources were provided, and included practice opportunities to increase student confidence and skills. 

As a certified Raindrop Technique practitioner (8+ years), I was already well familiar with this technique, yet was impressed with how these courses presented additional information specific to these animals so that students can learn to independently customise every single treatment. 

Susan is highly skilled with people and animals and was confident, patient, and thorough in her delivery. This makes trainings not only professional and effective, but also enjoyable. 

Teaching modules were well paced, appropriate, and included resources in various formats that assisted students to learn, practice and refine skills regardless of prior experience with animals. 

All handouts, equipment, resources and assessments were relevant and appropriate. 

Case studies offered the opportunity to deepen understanding and for constructive feedback to students to further develop skills and competence. 

Additional support for unexpected issues or questions was available whenever needed. 

I would thoroughly recommend Susan Marshall and Equine and Canine Raindrop Techniques to prospective students as the course content for both is professional, structured, comprehensive and targeted to ensure the needs of the individual animal as well as the treatment goals of the practitioner are met."

Dianne Pollard 

Align Therapies & Training

Dog Friends

Jennifer Lyddiard,
Gumtree Wellness Group

In 2019 I was fortunate enough to be a student participating in the Equine Raindrop Technique Practitioner course which was facilitated by Susan Marshall. 


As someone who has pretty much zero recent experience with horses, I was hesitant and concerned that the information and practical components would be over my head. 


During the course, not only did I feel that the information and training was above standard, Susan was able to meet each student at their level of knowledge and bring each of us to the needed expertise required for practitioner standard.  


My comfortability with the animals, my education and my confidence in being able to support both horses and their owners was an absolute credit to Susan and her ability to teach to such a high standard. 


Additionally, Susan was a continuous support outside the classroom and was a constant support during the process of my logged sessions as well as once I completed my certification.  Her genuine, caring position as a teacher made me completely comfortable to ask as many questions as needed allowing for ongoing growth and learning. 


Many kind regards,


Jennifer Lyddiard

Gumtree Wellness Group

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