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Whether you're looking to support your own pet's wellbeing, or wanting to help more animals in a professional capacity, we have a course to suit you! Plus some of our courses are offered online, meaning we can cater for people anywhere in Australia and overseas! 


Our courses are divided into two types - Recreational and Practitioner, and within each of these there is a canine and an equine.  Outlined below are additional details. To register your interest please contact us via the "Register Your Interest" button and we will notify you of the next upcoming course.

recreational corses

Recreational Courses

The Recreational courses are held over 1 day and are for pet owners who would like to learn about using essential oils on their own animal.  In this course, participants are also taught a simplified version of the Animal Raindrop Technique.

There are two Recreational courses that we offer (both 1 day duration) – the Canine Recreational Raindrop Technique (for dog owners) and the Equine Recreational Raindrop Technique (for horse owners).

The Recreational courses are for personal use only.  Participants of this course are not qualified to work on other people's animals or charge a fee.

Currently, the Recreational courses are held in South East Queensland (Australia) for those wishing to attend in person.  They are also offered online for participants who live elsewhere in Australia or International.


Practitioner Courses

The Practitioner courses are for people wishing to perform the Animal Raindrop Technique in a professional capacity, including charging a fee for their services.  These courses are longer in duration and go into more depth including animal behaviour, additional essential oil safety guidelines, health history forms, assessments and logged sessions.

There are two separate Practitioner courses that we offer – the Canine Practitioner Raindrop Technique (for those wishing to have a career working with dogs) and the Equine Practitioner Raindrop Technique (for those wishing to have a career working with horses).

Currently, the Practitioner courses are held in South East Queensland (Australia) and must be attended in person.  In the future, if travel restrictions continue, we will look at running this course online.

practitioner courses
Meet the Teacher

Meet the Teacher

Susan Marshall is the teacher of the courses here at Animal Raindrop.  She has always had a love of animals from a very early age.  In her teenage years she learnt to ride horses and went on to become a trainer and competitor in dressage.  She also grew up with cats and dogs and is currently a foster carer for a Pug rescue, helping to rehabilitate these dogs before finding them a forever home.  

Susan's first career was a Queensland Police Officer where she served in a variety of areas including the Mounted Police.  Following this Susan set up her own business as a horse-riding instructor, teaching people of all ages and abilities, including competitive riders.  

In 2003, Susan was introduced to the Young Living essential oils by her sister Artemis.  This was when she was still a police officer and not into anything natural! 


However Artemis knew that Susan loved her animals and so she showed her how the oils could be used on dogs, cats and horses.  Artemis then taught Susan the Raindrop Technique on animals – a modality that incorporates Young Living essential oils, massage, ancient reflexology and energy healing.  Artemis herself had been personally trained by Gary Young, the founder of both Young Living and the Raindrop Technique.  

Susan then went on to practice on hundreds of different animals over the subsequent years and witnessed countless miracles from this amazing modality.  

After a decade of operating her equestrian business, Susan decided it was time to devote her life to teaching others about the Young Living essential oils and products, and how they can be used on all members of the family – both 2 and 4-legged!


Furthermore it has been her passion not only to perform the Raindrop Technique on animals, but to teach others this technique, so that as many animals as possible can receive the gift that this modality has to offer.

Susan Marshall

Young Living Member ID No. 685506

Course Dates

Course Dates


Watch this space for upcoming courses!



Watch this space for upcoming courses!



24th - 26th February 2023 

In person course at Upper Caboolture, South East Queenland



2nd - 5th March 2023

In person course at Upper Caboolture, South East Queensland

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